About Us


The MedEd Collaborative was formed in September 2020, consisting of a trainee- and student-led medical education research collaborative supported by senior medical education experts and clinicians. To our knowledge, this is the first permanent student and trainee medical education research collaborative.

In response to the disruption to medical education caused by COVID-19, there is a need for wide-scale robust medical education research and the generation of research capacity for the future. Trainee research collaboratives have demonstrated they can nurture the research skills of students and trainees while delivering high quality research outputs.

Our vision is to increase engagement of students and trainees in high-quality medical education research that informs practice. The MedEd Collaborative will engage students and trainees in medical education research by completing at least one national multicentre study per year.


We anticipate the MedEd Collaborative will:


The MedEd Collaborative is a member of the National Research Collaborative.