MEDNURSE: A comparison of the perceptions of service and learning amongst medical students, nursing students, and their clinical supervisors


The MEDNURSE study, conducted by the MedEd Collaborative, investigates the perceptions of service and learning among final-year medical and nursing students, along with clinical supervisors in the UK. The study aims to evaluate how participants view service and learning in the context of undergraduate healthcare education.



There are more clinical learners in the UK than ever before, training in a stretched healthcare service. This study asks how we can align the priorities of providing a safe and effective service for patients with the learning needs of medical and nursing students.




MEDNURSE is a qualitative interview study. We will interview 10 each of medical and nursing students and their respective supervisors. We will use reflexive thematic analysis to generate themes and recommendations.


Research Questions




Our findings will be used to inform the design of future healthcare courses, ensuring a balance between student learning and meeting the needs of patients and the healthcare system.



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Primary Investigator: Anna Harvey Bluemel

Steering committee: Matthew H V Byrne, Megan Brown, Eabha Lynn, Aqua Asif, Nicci Jones-Anderson, Aki Karas